Metal Sheet Forming

01  Spin Forming

With Lathe is possible to form metal sheets in order to obtain product modelled on clients needs. Accuracy is guaranteed by the use of CNC machinery, all operations are done automatically.

02  3D, 2D Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting allows products customization with holes, cuts and incisions for both design and functional purposes. The plant allows to have a good flexibility on application. It is possible to perform: three-dimensional cutting, flat cutting, tubes cutting, sloping cutting, welding.

03  Deep Drawing

We use our hydraulic and mechanical presses to obtain three-dimensional products starting from flat metal sheets. We are able to work: iron, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass. We work with thickness between 0,5 mm and 3 mm.

04  Press Brake Forming

This type of production, in addition to spin forming, laser cutting and deep drawing, increases number of deliverable shapes. Indeed, press braking works non only with circular shapes. It is possibile to work with same materials of spin forming and deep drawing, on a worktop up to 2000mm.