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Laser cutting

Technical features

Laser cutting makes it possible to customise products from other types of processes with details such as holes and cuts. The extreme precision of this type of machining makes it possible for details to be performed with extreme accuracy, both for artistic and design needs and functional requirements.

With laser cutting, it is possible to machine different types of materials such as iron, stainless steel, aluminium, MDF, carbon fibre, brass, plexiglass and wood. Each of these materials has particular specifications related to the machining thickness: stainless steel with a maximum thickness of 5 mm, carbon fibre and brass 1/1.5 mm and aluminium 3 mm.

  • Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, MDF, Carbon Fiber, Brass, Plexiglass, Wood
  • Stainless Steel: 5mm, Iron: 8/10mm, Aluminium: 3mm, MDF: 15/30mm, Brass: 1/1,5mm, Plexiglass: 30/50mm, Wood: 20mm, Carbon Fiber: 1/1,5mm
  • 2D: 3000x2000mm
    3D: 2000x1500x750mm
  • Parasolid (preferred)

CO2 laser cutting and 3D laser cutting

Bmet uses two different types of laser cutting machines: the CO2 laser cutting machine, which we first introduced for this type of machining and the machine for the latest-generation three-dimensional fibre laser cutting.

CO2 laser cutting works by means of gas and guarantees perfect qualitative results on different types of materials.

3D laser cutting makes it possible to obtain products from materials that come from bending, moulding or drawing operations and that have a three-dimensional structure. Working in three dimensions necessarily implies a higher complexity of technologies: the main strength of our three-dimensional laser cutting machine is the robotic arm, which, operated by the operator, moves the parts that must be machined.

3D laser cutting was introduced in the company about six years ago and this technology, combined with moulding and spin forming, has enabled us to offer customers a complete product and a fast and precise service.

From the technical design to laser cutting

The Technical Department coordinates with the laser cutting machine operator and uploads the 3D/2D drawing of the part to be machined, which will be the guide for the machining to be performed by the machine. The drawing can be provided by the customer or developed with the help of the Technical Department. Thanks to integrated cameras, the machine operator follows all the laser cutting stages, which takes place inside a special, highly-automated closed-door chamber, to which the robot has exclusive access. Automation of all operations guarantees accuracy and an extremely low margin of error.

Third-party flat and 3D laser cutting of sheet metal, plexiglass, wood, MDF, carbon fibre

Bmet makes its experience in laser cutting available in order to find the most suitable solutions to meet the customers’ functional and aesthetic needs.

Mindful of the fact that success in our industry only comes through a service that brings value and competitiveness to our customers, for 30 years, our work has started with the selection of the best raw materials, developed with the greatest possible respect for the measurements of the pieces produced, and ends with delivery within the agreed timeframe, not neglecting the importance of the intellectual property of the designs entrusted to us, on which we guarantee the most complete and absolute confidentiality.