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Laser cutting

Technical features

The laser cutting operation is fundamental to customize the products coming from other procedures. It adds details as holes and cuts, providing aesthetic and functional features.

The design of the workpiece is uploaded directly from the technical office which will then give instructions to the machine in complete automation, ensuring precision and a very low margin of error. The uploaded 3D/2D drawings can be developed entirely by our technical office or with its support.

  • Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, MDF, Carbon Fiber, Brass, Plexiglass, Wood
  • Stainless Steel: 5mm, Iron: 8/10mm, Aluminium: 3mm, MDF: 15/30mm, Brass: 1/1,5mm, Plexiglass: 30/50mm, Wood: 20mm, Carbon Fiber: 1/1,5mm
  • 2D: 3000x2000mm
    3D: 2000x1500x750mm
  • Parasolid (favourite)

Flat and 3D laser cutting on behalf of third- party of metal sheets, plexiglass, wood, MDF, carbon fiber.

In addition to three-dimensional and flat cutting, thanks to laser cutting is possible to perform inclined cutting, tube cutting and welding operations, on a wider range of materials than other processes.

Through this technique the goal is to improve the production cycle and increase the number of possible procedures, so we can offer to our customers more and more complete and adaptable productions, limiting cost at the same time.