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Inside Bmet

Bmet is constant innovation


We decided to give birth to a new project that highlights what’s behind the scenes in our company. (You can find) all the details below and in our new corporate video.

Bmet, a company that innovates and keeps on innovating

Due to the works’ halt of last year, which saw us involved at the forefront in the blocking of raw materials’ supply, we didn’t waste time and set to work to give at last the proper relevancy to what is for us a basic component: innovation inside our company.

Here comes a project that throughout our eyes shows closely how our customers’ideas take shape. Then we went further by showing how we experience the company, what our production strenghts are, how we face issues, all the people that everyday work by your side to offer a top service with a fast timing.

Our corporate video

What you’ll see now is our new corporate video: a succession of pics that convey the true spirit of Bmet.

It is in fact a mix that comes up from our innovative and andvanced engine room, the energy and the passion of our team, the experience gained thanks to our family tradition and the increasingly high challenges that our customers offer us.

Through this video you’ll have a glimpse of our world, of our technical department fervor, of our machinery for fiber and Co2 lase cutting precision, you’ll find out the strenght of the molding realized by the deep drawing technique and enjoy the fascinating details of the plate turning, a process still not widespread in our territory. Lastly you can take a look at how we keep our customers’ matrices: a warehouse where rigor, order and cleaniness wholly rule, in full respect opf confidentiality.

To be continued

This behind the scenes project doesn’t end here. Soon you’ll find further focuses, which will help us telling you our world even more closely, for instance through the words of our team and beyond. For now we won’t anticipate anything more, but rather we invite you to watch our video!