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Deep drawing

Technical features

The sheet’s deep drawing is a process that, thanks to the use of mechanical and hydraulic presses, deforms the sheet to obtain a hollow product through one or more passages. As well as for turning, the first step is the creation of a certain mold that will be useful for the following production.

Once the mold has been created, under the pressure of a mechanical or hydraulic press, the sheet metal shape is forced to pass through the thin space between a punch and the mold, and so we get the shape we need and we avoid any wrinkles

  • Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Ferro
  • 1600x1300mm
  • 0,5mm
  • 3mm

Deep drawing for third parts in steel, iron, copper, brass and aluminum.

Thanks to its long experience in the field, our company is able to create a wide range of products, both on medium and large sizes.

Thanks to our long-time experience we have very precise standards combined with a great punctuality.