BMET aim to be a trustworthy supplier and a strategic partner for its clients. The company are committed to deliver its 30-years experience into the field of metal sheet forming to clients, in order to find best solutions to production problems, taking account of design and functional needs of final products.

We work paying maximum attention to every step of production because we are aware that success in our sector will come only if you provide value and competitiveness to your clients. We start making an accurate selection of raw materials; we go on respecting as much as possible measures resulting from drawings provided; we ends with a delivery within the period dealt with the client. In the whole process, we do not forget the importance of intellectual property rights on drawings coming in our hands.



BMET aim to become a benchmark of excellence in its territory, offering solutions for planning and production problems and create long-term relationship based on mutual loyalty.

The company is committed to keep a good flexibility degree in order to be able to operate as a subcontractor and for single projects. Moreover, there are always a door open for designers and R&D technician who need feasibility studies, design support and other.

The goal is to constantly improve production processes as well as variety of deliverable shapes in order to offer to clients more and more complete services. The achievement of this goal has to go through the selection and the control of the network of the partner and supplier who enter in the value chain of BMET.