taglio laser 3d 2d

3D-2D laser cutting on behalf of a third party of metal sheet, plexiglas, wood, plywood

Technical Characteristics

Laser cutting allows the customization of products with holes and cut for artistic and functional reasons.

Straight from technical office, drawings are uploaded on the machinery in order to let it work completely in automatic. These operations guarantee precision and low possibility to make a mistake. Moreover, 3D/2D technical drawings required for uploading can be developed internally or at least with the support of our technical office.

Beside 3D and flat cutting, it is possible to perform sloping cutting, tubes cutting and welding with a wide variety of materials, more than others kind of production.

A complex of laser cutting like this, allows working on both big and small volume still resulting favourable, from economic perspective (setting up costs are almost zero). In addition, laser operations can easily substitute cutting operations made by a press so it is possible to save big investment on mould.


Workable Material


Stainless Steel



Carbon Fibre





Max workable thickness

Stainless Steel: 5mm

Iron: 8/10mm

Aluminium: 3mm

Plywood: 15/30mm

Brass: 1/1,5mm

Plexiglas: 30/50mm

Wood: 20mm

Carbon Fibre: 1/1,5mm


Field of work

2D: 3000x2000mm

3D: 2000x1500x750mm

Favourite 3D drawings formats

Parasolid (favourite)



Products Examples (see all)

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