Our History

Maurizio, owner of BMET, has a 40 years career in the field of metal spinning. He started in the middle of ’70, when everything was handmade. After 10 years as employee, useful to develop his artisanal knowing, in 1984, he decided to put himself on the line creating a company. This experience has been crucial to develop a business administration attitude, in a period when technology strongly breaks usual best practices of the sector. 

The very first individual entrepreneurial adventure started in 1998, with the establishment of “Tornitura in Lastra BM”. Maurizio realized an ambitious project setting up a well-advanced machinery complex specialized in spin forming, deep drawing and production of mould. 

In 2002, for logistical reasons, BMET moves its seat in the new industrial zone of Noale (Venice), a solution that allows a better production processes organization and a better rationalization of the job. 

At last, in 2014, with the participation of the whole family, BMET birth happens. This new company is a strong union of artisanal knowing owned by Maurizio and his employees with the desire of experimenting of the new generation. This fresh push is the actual foundation of investment choice on new technology such as 3D laser cutting or press braking. These new machinery increased variety of deliverable shapes as well as the possibility to produce complex products in a cheaper way.